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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 25, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> kimberly: no. >> bob: everybody got theirs in? can i finish then? >> kimberly: yes. >> bob: the guy was loaded. >> dana: with money or alcohol? >> bob: believe me i know loaded when i see loaded. democrat is it for us i am andy levy filling in for greg dwut felled. >> our top story tonight, is your middle schooler doping, or is he naturally a zit-faced jerk? one school wants to put it to the test. a panel will weigh in and offer no clarity. >> uncalled for. >> and one artificial photograph will be exhibited next week causing outrage. mayor bloomberg says it is okay as long as it is less than 16 ounces. and finally, media publication court says the united states is number one in cocaine use.
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three cheers for the red, white and blue and white and white and white and white. andy? >> thanks, paul. see you at the half. >> all right. let's welcome our guests. i am here with author and political commentator imogen lloyd webber. her latest book is called "the twitter diaries." and look, it is chris rowser. bill schulz. and sitting next to me is miserable pittsburgh steeler founder. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> are uts on the -- are youths on the juice? probably not, but we are checking anyway. several states are requiring middle school drug testing for students who want to participate in sports or other extra require kick lar activities. some parents sued saying taking urine samples is unnecessary and infringes on rights. but proponents claim it is never too early to strike fear
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in the future pot performance enhancing drug offenders. explains one superintendent, quote, we wanted to do it to create a general awareness of drug prevention. and as the owner a drug testing company, quote, the eighth graders are making decisions and it helps to give them a deterrent. meanwhile, ramping crystal meth use among germany's population continues unabated. >> stay away from the blue stuff. that's what happens. imogen, i go to you first. i don't even know why.
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you are the prettiest on the panel. does this seem extreme to you? >> it seems a bit extreme. i am slightly on the fence about this one. on one level, yes, you have to get through middle school and you may want an alcoholic beverage. i'm sure that's how you got through middle school. >> i don't remember. >> but at the same time, there is an increasing problem with kids on drugs and so forth. if you are drug testing them, maybe they are not in a downward spiral moving forward. >> they say there are no known instances of middle schoolkids testing positive for performance enhancing drugs, and few testing positive for pot. so why? >> are they doing it really because they are worried with doing it in conjunction with sports? that seems like an excuse. it seems unrelated to playing sports. >> good point, and they said it is for all -- it is for choir and drama which are hot beds for meth and aderole. but they say drug use is a --
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is not a problem in middle school, but will prevent kids from developing drug problems. i don't understand that. >> i don't either. getting tested for drugs -- if kids are doing drugs, they will just not be on the lacrosse team. >> here is a novel concept. how about the schools work on educating our children? it is something they failed miserably at. instead of figuring out we are testing eighth graders for drugs, how about we test for knowledge of mathematics and eke lish and science? let's start with that. >> as a libertarian conspiracy theorist, don't you think the whole point of this is to condition kids to get used to the state poking their noses in our lives. you get used to getting drug tested in seventh grade and then the tsa wants to jam its finger wherever you are like, i have been used to this my whole life. >> there is no doubt that we are just getting more and more conditioned to have intrusions into our personal life and
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privacy all the time. you think there is a huge problem with kids joining glee using performance enhancing drugs 1234 ones that require drug testing? i like the only person who said this was the guy who owned a drug testing company. never saw that one coming. >> you are not claiming he has a vested interest? >> no, not at all. >> have you no proof of that whatsoever. >> none whatsoever. >> do you look at this as another test you would have failed in middle school? >> yes. i didn't like the personal attack. i am right on board with the baron bus. less drug tests and more test, tests. i don't care if they have had the interaction with the scary green leaf, but if they have an iota of science or math, and they don't. going back to what we were touching on, kids that may be underaged pot smoking couch potatoes will be deterred from anything but if the test is going to tell them they can't get in the sport that might
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have changed their behavior. it is silly, silly, silly. >> do you agree that this might be keeping stoners from participating in extra curricular activities giving them more time to be stoners. >> it would bey -- it would be effective in preventing them from playing sports. you president what them out being active and even choir and drama club is great. anything that bars kids from doing that doesn't make sense. >> i will play devil's advocate. is the idea of this if you start drug testing kids before they are even doing drugs they won't start doing drugs? >> i think that's basically it. it is 10% of kids between 12 and 17 are on drugs. so you want to help them and get them in the rehab programs and catch the problem early. i don't know. >> and what is worse? test them for body mass index. i would rare have a -- rather have a kid who is ripped than have diabetes?
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which is the lesser of the two evils? >> the one that isn't you. >> that was not an option. >> can we just start testing in nurse rei school? why wait until middle school? >> good point. >> well no one will answer it, apparently. >> you got the answer you wanted. from drug tests to psych tests. are political beliefs in hairntly deep? lefties and righties don't just view junk differently, they are different in their personalities and even their unconscious reactions to the big, fat world around them. for example, a study this year found when viewing a bunch of photographs, conservatives eyes unconsciously lingered longer on the repellent images such as car wrecks suggesting they are more attuned to assessing danger. and they looked at the dorm rooms of the college students and found conservatives had more cleaning and organizational items showing they #r* orderly and disciplined while liberals own more books and travel-related crap which is more with novelty seeking. says one psychologist, these are not superficial
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differences. they are psychologically deep. the capacity is to organize the political world into the left or right and it may be a part of human nature. how can we settle our differences 1234* maybe taking a cue from these two. >> if the cross fire was more like that -- >> conservatives are against that, by the way. >> i think we can all agree. >> no more of that. i don't like that. >> do these studies make any sense to you? >> on the one happened it didn't make sense, but one of the main take aways is they are more anxious. i don't necessarily think it is an automatic association.
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i think of them as confident and secure. that was something that was surprised me by it. >> interesting. what they are saying is conservatives are more attuned to possible -- or conscious of possible dangers which in many cases could be why they support a stronger police force and stuff like that. >> it makes sense when you see it. >> he did one of these studies studies and if people could just see that people on the other side are not immoral, but just focus on different moral principals, it might lessen the antagonism between them? isn't that sweet? it is so. naive. that was my only question. >> that was your only question? >> well, i said isn't that sweet? >> at the -- yes, it is very, very sweet. my question is what nerd's dorm rooms were they looking at? they found ironing boards and dusty books and travel items. where was the beer?
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>> i just assumed -- maybe they thought the ironing boards were for cleaning. >> and also you can get really high off cleaning products. not that you should, kids. can't emphasize that enough. >> say you have extra water pipes in case your pipes break. that just shows you are thinking -- i don't know. you were saying in the green room you think the answer is to split america into two countries, one in the blue state and one in the red state so the british empire can rise again? >> that was actually it. i believe that americans are more similar than dissimilar. fundamentally i think america is more moderate than many republicans and democrats would have us believe. that's why it is known as the 51-49 percent country. you have a great political system and it involves compromise. that's why in poll after poll after poll 85% wanted republicans and democrats to work together in congress to get stuff done that's why congress' approval rating is so low. as far as this survey, i don't
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have much to go by. >> zero percent of this is on twitter, by the way. all of the people who want compromise, none are on twitter jie. or in washington for that matter. >> this study was only done on humans. is that unfair to creatures like you? >> i am human, hear me roar. it was all about human rights. it just says that everyone falls under the same cliche. they said liberals had lots of travel memorabilia because they were open to the outside world, and their uh parts ments are un-- apartments are unclean, and they lack self-discipline because they are on drugs. >> i am describing my apartment. although it is for all of the places i have not been to. and anyone who woo -- who would be on the other side would call me a commipinko. but they looked at the disturbing images like car
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wrecks and peoe saying happy holidays rather than merry christmas. they agitated them to the extreme. >> there was another test that was from a group that also included this guy. they say it is the biggest study of liber tear qean -- libertarian psychology, and it is true because it is the only -- they found liberals and conservatives all differ from each other on a bunch of different psychological traits. it shows a stronger endorse meant of -- a stronger endorsement, and cerebral as far as cognitive style and lower on the social-relatedness. it sounds about right. >> absolutely. let me boil down the libertarian philosophy. i do whatever the hell i want to do. don't ask me to pay for your crap and i won't ask you to pay for my crap. >> that sounds about right. i only have a problem with the studies that do the liberal
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and conservative thing. they leave out libertarianism. i never fit in them. >> i spent my whole life not fitting into psychological studies and it warped me, and it caused me to be this awful, synical person who lives at home friendless eating candy corn. >> that's exactly what did happen. you had a study -- you had a study that confirmed what you already were before the study came out which was a -- >> by the wakes libertarians don't participate in studies. >> every study is part of a world conspiracy. i never participated in one, and i don't know any other that have. >> they i can tricked them to -- they tricked them into thinking it was a poll on "game of thrones." i think i hit close to home there. >> "game of throwns is --
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throwns" is a great show. it den gnaw grates a certain face, but you are safe. it is only christianity. the photograph is returning as part of an exhibition in midtown. the infamous piece shows it soaked in urine, but woo likely be more subdued than it was to that video on youtube. says one local politician, quote, as a catholic i find it to be vulgar. he hammered the president for not weighing in saying the obama administration's hipocracy and lack of respect has reached an all-time high. i call on president obama to stand up for americas' values and beliefs and denounce "piss christ" that has denounced christians at home and abroad. why hasn't president obama stopped "piss christ" from being displayed and how quickly can we impeach him? >> tomorrow? hasn't it already happened? first off, the whole "piss christ" thing is offensive, and i am disgusted there were
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tax dollars spent on it. however, the answer is not to have obama come out and denounce it. he shouldn't have denounced the youtube video that nobody saw. the answer to fighting the goats herding barbarians who are storming our embassy abroad is not to start acting like them. we have freedom of speech. we are not going to sensor people. we shouldn't pay for them, end of story. i don't think the answer is to start becoming art and film critics and start setting up, well, i denounce this, i denounce that. just shut up and don't talk about any of. it it is not your job. >> of course not. what i don't understand is what does bill donohue and the catholic league, what do they want? do they want something where we react to a stupid youtube video by rioting in the streets because there is no freedom of speech?
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that makes no sense at all. and that is not america. i don't know what the goal is in any of this. >> i actually agree with you. imogen, it is an offensive piece. it is stupid. but on a broader scale, isn't art on some -- at least some art supposed to offend? >> well, it is about freedom of speech. and art is defended. this is done in 1987 with taxpayer money. and we are talking about it right now. i wish we wouldn't. it is an awful piece of art. it should be an obscurity on 57th street in a gallery that nobody ever goes and sees. >> it is like this movie, and it gets more and more known because of critics. i wouldn't have even known it would be in new york if people weren't upset it would be back in new york. >> and even the people in benghazi, well, they weren't doing anything for the movie, but as ridiculous and --
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ridiculous the reaction is, they know that. they are looking for an excuse to bash america, and to a lesser extent so does this i had whyett. if he -- this idiot. if he didn't want people to see "piss christ" he would get off the microphone and not denounce. i will give him credit though. all he is asking is to denounce that he is not asking for us to kill a diplomat. so at least there is a difference there. >> she not asking for it to be banned. i don't think the president should denounce. it but at least he is not -- >> if he was a good countries common and didn't want anyone to see "piss christ" he would stop talking about" piss christ." >> part of me knew this piece would be controversial. >> you have no back up. >> it is just an opinion. >> i hope he questions you on this. coming up, can arts and crafts qel the most -- the
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thrice for blood? and is john travolta gay -- ning new respect for privacy? you are watching fnc. stick around.
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even get free delivery! sleep train stacks the savings high to keep the prices low. but hurry, the inventory clearance sale is ending soon. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ more of a bain? as a fellow celebrity, i couldn't agree more. he made headlines for allegedly groping two masseurs says it is, quote, the worst time to be famous. johnny travs tommed the bb -- told the bbc that measures should be protected against the exposure kate middleton experienced. i think it was a sex tape. he said, quote, there is a right to privacy whether you are famous or not famous. anyone being invaded at that level is unfortunate, and there should be a law. no one would like that."
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let's discuss in the -- >> lightning round. >> didn't john travolta say it is the worst time to be john travolta? >> yes. those masseuses kept quiet for like decades. only now they talk, and he's like, oh, man, ridiculous. >> i asked them to be quiet and they are not. >> he tipped them not to see something. >> is this travolta's sly way of looking for dates? he needs somebody that can keep a secret? >> whatever that might or might not be. >> yes, he likes mayo on his sandwich. >> he uses that phrase privacy invaded. i wander if the masseuses say, hmm that seems familiar to me. >> it was not privacy. >> privates invaded. >> are the tabloids from your tiny nation worse than what we've got here? they seem to cause all of the problems. >> everything is britain's
12:23 am
fault, as you know by now. fundamentally kate middleton should have kept her top on. i think there should be a line. for instance john travolta's child who died, we shouldn't be talking about that. >> we weren't. >> but everybody loves a happy ending, so that should be a topic of conversation. >> the british press didn't run any of those pictures of kate. >> we did with harry. >> bill, you have been following travolta on-line and on irl as the kids like to say. what is the latest with him? >> the latest -- i was feeling terrible for him when he was doing this interview. he was doing this interest view promoting the movie "savages" which he made $20 million on, his first movie since 2010. but i feel horrible for this man, and i will tell you why. what he is talking about is what everyone is dealing with on a smaller level. on a national level people
12:24 am
know what he may or may not have done behind the sheet of a masseuse table. but it is happening in colleges. it is happening in high schools. if you have one sex pic somebody else on facebook will post that and it will ruin your celebrity at your own high school. not only celebrities deal with it, but everyone is dealing with it. but it sounds a lot more depressing when it comes from that millionaire's mouth. >> it really does. next topic srkts internet making us dumber? better question, dumber us is making internet the? despite fierce of that -- fears of that kids are performing better on tests. and they say all of the tube-based technologies actually help people better organize symbols and think abstractly. could the real answer be that the net is making us smarter in someways and dumber in others? >> i think you may be on to something there. i definitely -- i can't do anything without having a tv on in the background. i have been trained that way. i don't think it is making me smarter, but i would love to believe that. >> that's the thing. when we were growing up, you
12:25 am
always had the tv on, but now you have the tvo and you have your computer up. you have twitter up no matter what you are doing. i have no point whatsoever. >> thank you for a little view in your home. >> imogen do you buy that the internet is not as bad as we were told? >> we are not better at multi tasking, however we all have people with social skills that might explain why you are single and i am single and you are single. >> by choice. >> hmm. yeah. >> being on-line can't make you dumber by watching something like honey boo-boo? >> absolutely not. and by the way should we be surprised that limitless access to this knowledge all over the place wouldn't make us dumber? it may make us lazer, more add, but not surprising it doesn't make us dumber. >> your entire use of the internet involves going to google and typing in celebrity names and the word "nude."
12:26 am
has this made you smarter? >> apparently not. when i typed those things in i believe it was blake lively and i got a dog and a horse making out. it was like, come on. where can i possibly use this? and then thank god for a block. i think the kids are getting smarter. i don't think it has anything to do with the internet. it has to do with the pot and steroids i may or may not have sold them. call me kids who want to get smart. >> awful human beings. do you have a comment on the show? e male us. and do you have a video of your animal doing something not boring or kissing another species? go to fox eye and click on submit a video. we may use it. still to come, the half time report with paul mccurio. >> the flat structures made by logs and other material used as a boat and used as a dock or diving platform. thanks, raft.
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let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. for that we go to paul mccurio. >> thanks, andy. drug testing. >> how are you, paul? >> i am good. >> custom mary to have sometimes. >> that's fine. >> that's shocking coming from a libertarian who is socially closed off. >> it is shocking. >> he didn't mean it. >> see, this is why you can't socialize.
12:31 am
>> stop with the banter. >> i hate you so much. by the wakes thanks for returning my text, do you want to go out? he didn't even return the text. that is so socially retar debt. >> hash tag libertarian. >> i would take it as a no though. >> why do i come? can i have a cab please? >> it takes less effort than a no. >> drug testing. don't you think, baron, it puts more pressure on kids, the kids that aren't doing drugs? then when they get tested negative everybody will find out they have been lying about doing drugs and then they are no longer cool with the cool kids? >> i don't think that is actually going to happen. >> imogen, don't you think we are conditioning kids to feel
12:32 am
what it is like for criminals. it is a little adult, don't you think? >> i don't know. they are growing up younger than ever. >> there is a study that columbia did that finds 75% of all high school students that used either legal or illicit drugs as far back as seventh grade, and 20% of those adolescents now are addicted. so i do think this is a real problem. bill -- >> here we go. >> no, no, no. i am just going to ask you. kids in after school activities like chess or 4h club, are they really the ones we need to be checking out on this, or should it be the kids that don't have any after school activity rtz ones that are the real -- are the ones that are the real problem? >> the ones that don't have the after school activities are enjoying too much twinkies and bad cartoon time.
12:33 am
they will be deterred from maybe doing something else, maybe broadening the horizons because the prospect of a drug test will prevent them as such. >> and don't you think it is the parent's responsibility to deal with this and not the state? >> absolutely not. i think the state should be involved in every aspect of children's lives. to the point of where taking them away from the parents if the parents aren't feeding them properly or closing them in the latest clothing or buying them iphones. >> i am doing it myself. i have a kid and he gets a full hearty breakfast and urine test before he leaves the house. and by the way, bill, thanks for the drugs. the conservatives versus the liberals, baron, are you insulted by this that we need a study to tell us we should respect our beliefs and at the core we are all decent people who don't agree? isn't this what we were taught by mr. rogers ? >> isn't that the point is to
12:34 am
tell us crap we already know? a waste of money. >> bill, wasn't there a guy, a scientist a couple years ago whose name was jesus who preached the same thing? >> i am not aware of this. but if there was a guy named that i protest him being in a painting called "piss christ." >> moving on to "piss christ" speaking of" piss christ" the work of art is a small plastic submerged in the urine of the art. let's be serious. why is it everybody on the panel automatically thinks this is a terrible thing because urine is involved? can't you look into what the artist wants and what he wants to say to this piece? why come off so closed minded? >> it is a lovely photograph.
12:35 am
>> it is garbage. give it it a chance. >> there is a difference between having an open mind. >> i am not saying everything is good. you hear a trigger word and you shutdown on it. and that sort of to me is problematic on some level. >> i don't shutdown. i just think it is stupid. >> you don't even know what it represents. >> i don't care what it represents. it is stupid. >> i have an open mind. i don't have to think your comedy cd is funny, but i am not going to laugh because it is supposed to be funny. >> i recorded it in a vat of urine, i will have you know. >> sounds like it. >> you are such a jerk. i really hate you so much. i think at the end of the day people have a predisposed notion of what they like and don't like, and maybe we would be better off if we approached things with a little bit of an
12:36 am
open mind. don't you think, imogen? >> at the beginning of the night anyone says at the end of the day they should be banned at the end of the show. we are trying to get that out of our veer -- vernacular? >> should i reward my dog when he pisses on the floor inside? >> there has never been anything that you didn't like, but after getting deeper into it it is not so bad. i am not saying this is good. i don't know about it. >> but piss is on a list of things that hasn't gotten any better. >> you haven't been to my house on a saturday. >> hang on, paul. this is an important point. the important point is i think it is stupid. someone else may not. they may say, this is amazing art. that's fine. do that. i have the right to say it is stupid. other people have a right to say this is highly offensive. other people have a right to say this is intriguing. i like this. the problem is the huh poke
12:37 am
craw see when our government calls out things for being offensive to some religions, but doesn't call out things for other religion. >> the ramifications of the muslim film were much greater. >> so you get a heckler's veto? if christians threatened violence over "piss christ." >> no i agree with chris barron that we take the higher road. moving on to travolta quickly -- >> you made the dumbest point. >> no, i didn't make the dumbest point. i don't think it is black and white. i think you look at the ramifications of the thing you are complaining about. if they are minor ramifications upsetting a group of people in new york city versus causing worldwide terror you comment on one and go about your president as -- your business as president. >> so giving a heckler's veto to those who act like children. >> well, we agree to disagree and i win because i am the only buds man. if these privacy laws go knew
12:38 am
affect who will object when they leak their own sex tapes. that's all i have. i will see you at the end of the show. >> thanks, paul. coming up, is robbing a bank easier with a ski mask on? coming up, what will the makers have to say about their film? probably they made it. just a guess. i have been doing this awhile and i am pretty sure i am right. >> guests on "red eye" stay with greg's neighbor carl. now offering pullout couch, futon or beanbag chair. ♪ he'll watch you while you sleep ♪
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>> that was an explosive look at the explosively explosive documentary occupy unmasked. the film was released owed friday and -- released on friday and it was the lame stream media and they refuse to report on. with me are the film's produce expert writer-director thanks for coming, guys. let me start with the most generic of all questions. what lead you to make this film? >> we watched -- >> actually i hoped steve would answer that question. >> defer to the guy whose idea it was. actually i watched the occupy movement grow. we were talking about it last september and october, and i
12:43 am
picked up the phone when i decided to make a movie and i called andrew bright bart. he was the one goi who followed the occupy movement from the beginning. knew its origins and knew the seedy under side. and was really the lynch pin from the conservative movement side to force people to talk about it and acknowledge that these are sh -- this is a dangerous organization. >> i said andrew is a bunch of dirty hippies. >> andrew dwot it right away. andrew got it right away. >> i guess i don't have to ask your position on occupy. >> this is not pbs. >> what was andrew's involvement with this? how did you work with him? >> you know, from the moment i talked to him on the phone the very first time he was engaged. he knew what occupy was, what it consisted of, and the danger it posed to america. the danger to the free market system and to our very
12:44 am
democracy. he was the driving force. when steve decided to make the film with us, you know, he knew what he wanted. he is the host and the narrator of this film. it changed it to fairness and equality and class warfare. >> as the director of the movie i can't imagine directing bright bart. >> he is i are business partners too. we would have huge fights about a range of stuff. i tell you, we disagreed on a lot, but he had a certain vision and channeling that energy. the film ends with the famous cpak where andrews is yelling "stop raping the people" and when he did that we said we don't want it on the website. i said, i think we have the end of the film. >> and of course we are
12:45 am
obviously piewd -- proud of this film. andrew is the force of the film, and anybody who knew andrew and was around him, his energy and passion was second to none. he died just after we completed filming. >> so you had completed filming? >> yes. >> we had the principal photography done. >> let me ask you this, you went to a bunch of cities and a bunch of different occupies and which city had the most law breaky protesters? >> oakland, portland, denver, washington, d.c. but oakland by far was the hardest. by the way, all of this -- what you see here is it looks like the french revolution. this is vulgarity. you can see stuff you didn't see on mainstream media. the most violent by far is oaknd la. they tried to -- the most violent by far is oakland. >> was there any city where they were well behaved?
12:46 am
>> i think the most important question of all is which city had the hottest protesters? >> that would be none. >> can you grave on a curve? >> it would have been new york. >> when you make a film like this, what are the biggest obstacles you run across? >> just the level of violence. you are putting cameramen into situations where they don't know what will happen. they are caught up in the police -- obviously through all of the video you can see and through the film you can see the amount of violence. people throwing molotov cocktails. these are serious things going on that you wouldn't think you would be seeing in american cities. this looks like a third world country to me. >> what would you tell the protesters 1234* were -- were you up front and said we are making a movie that will
12:47 am
expose you guys ? >> first we say take a bath. no, what steve was able to do was find folks who were inside the camps and able to provide video. only through looking like one of them were you able to gain access. >> would you just not bathe for a couple months? >> anybody who knows you knows that is not hard. >> before we take off, any scene in the movie that may surprise people? >> the scenes will surprise people. when the middle class people see this it is the vulgarity and the violence. it is the police and the first responders. anonymous goes and gets your badge number and then your kids' school and everything about your life is on-line. the bravery of the first responders and the police -- a lot of people say, wow, i didn't know the occupy movement came after them that hard. >> a lot of libertarians like myself were hoping when this thing started maybe had some hopes this would be a good thing. >> a center left populous
12:48 am
movement is a good thing. this film is about how that was used by this group of anarchists, union types and hard core revolutionaries. >> and the mainstream media wants to equate the two that they are one in the same, and they are no where near the same. >> thanks, you guys. the film is playing in select theaters and you can order it on demand starting later today, tuesday. coming up, a musical performance from our musical guest.
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>> so that is a real thing, apparently. a company created the tail that supposedly syth cs to your brain -- syncs to your brain and reads your moods. this is four square meets cops play. >> i don't know what the last word you said was. >> people who like to dress up in furry -- like furries and stuff like that. >> oh, furries? are there varieties of tails or just the fuzzy one? >> i believe it is just the fuzzy one. >> oh, i am not into that. if it was a more masculine one. >> or one that would fit to your body type. yours whob a wippit. the fur one is more my jam. >> what happens when you are not happy? what is a sad tail? >> i think it curls up.
12:54 am
>> it creeps me out in a weird way. >> you look not at all creeped out by this. let's say this tail malfunctions and suddenly you are getting unwanted sexual advances? >> between the squirrel and the urine and the tail it has been the stuff of nightmares and i don't know how i will ever sleep again. >> the same company you know makes brain-powered cat ears. will you buy the tail to go with it? >> absolutely. >> i was going say this is creepy, but i am trying to take paul mccurio's lead on this. it would be better to say creepy japanese tail in urine. >> bill, last word to you, and make it good. >> i hate to edit the direction that other people take when they make their commercials, but this would have been so much better if the dude had caught the
12:55 am
frisbie in his mouth and they didn't go with what would have worked. and his tail should have been pointed straight up and straight when he met the girl. that was also wrong move on their part. and why is he dressed like woody allen? >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up from paul mccurio speaking of creeping me out. go to fox eye.
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
time to go back to paul mccurio for the post game wrap up. >> thanks, jerk. quickly, on october 26th and 27th i will be headlining a got them comedy -- gothem comedy club. i hear you have a new feature
12:59 am
on vanity with food on it. >> i think you should get together over this for a beer. you know how you take pictures of food with your phone and you don't ever do anything with them? we have a thing where we got all of these famous chefs to send us all of the food pictures. it is awesome. you can go through and see them. it is fun. >> i thought the people who took food with their phone posted them to insta gram. >> they do. but then they go away and you still have them on your phone. >> let him do his thing. >> chris, what is going on with your beard? >> before i answer that let me say happy birthday to the world's best mother mother-in-law, becky gardener. happy birthday, mom. and my beard is the nhl lockout beard. i am growing this until the players association and the greedy ass owners come to an agreement and give me back my hockey. so i may look like a hillbilly. >> well done. imogen what is your request for iphone developers ? >> i u


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